Breathing skins project

what if ?



.. buildings' facades adapted to outer influences

of the weather,  just as skins of organisms do !

Design approach

The Breathing Skins technology is inspired by organic skins that adjust their permeability to control the flow of substances between inside and outside. Pneumatic muscles regulate the amount of incident light, views, and air passing the Breathing Skin by imitating the function of pores and pigments.

German federal award Ecodesign

The Federal Ministry For The Environment of Germany awards the Breathing Skins technology with a Ecodesign Award 2016   


Open systems like organism control  the exchange with their environment to maintain the internal equilibrium. Is it not about time for architecture to do the same? Adaptive facades can reduce the energetic need of buildings and create a healthier room climate.


In the Breathing Skins showroom, the Breathing Skins Technology can be experienced and tested under realistic conditions. On every square meter, 140 pneumatic muscles are controlled without any visible technical installations.


Around 2800 of these are integrated into the facade, amounting a length of over ten meters and an area of 25sqm.